August 19, 2019
Zen and Poems – an evening on Mitsuo Aida’s poetry

with Koki Takei
Thursday, September 12, 7:30 – 9 pm
In the City Center Dining Room, 300 Page Street, SF 94102

Koki Takei has studied deeply about Japanese poet Mitsuo Aida. Aida was a Zen student and his poetry is very simple with unique handwriting. “Zen and Poems” will focus on Aida’s work.

Flexible Mind – poem by Mitsuo Aida

After practicing at Sojiji temple, Koki Takei studied Buddhism and Zen as a trainee of the Education and Dissemination Division of the Center for Soto Zen Studies in Tokyo. He is researching about dissemination work using the poems of Mitsuo Aida.

San Francisco Zen Center welcomes donations to support this and similar presentations.


Joshua Sandeman
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