June 3, 2019
Cultural Awareness and Inclusivity Committee (CAIC) Listening Meeting at City Center

Saturday, June 15, 1 – 3:30 pm
City Center dining room, 300 Page Street, SF 94102

The Cultural Awareness and Inclusivity Committee (CAIC) is inviting the Greater Sangha to participate in a listening meeting to discuss our experiences as Sangha who practice at Beginner’s Mind Temple, City Center.

The purpose of the meeting is to create a safe space for the Greater Sangha to discuss issues around diversity, equity, and ability at San Francisco Zen Center. The meeting will be lead by POC CAIC members who practice at Beginner’s Mind Temple. We will make a report to the leadership after the meeting, and all comments from the meeting will be anonymized or reported in general ways.

This meeting is the third in a series of listening sessions to prepare for a meeting between CAIC and the Abbots’ Executive Group (AEG), this month, at CAIC’s request. Our goal is to share with AEG the experiences of the Greater Sangha and their suggestions about how to make Beginner’s Mind Temple more accessible and inclusive.

We are inviting all to attend, including those who identify as diverse, underrepresented, or marginalized. Please RSVP using the Eventbrite link.