February 21, 2019
March Art Show: REROSE — Tuvshuu Ganbold

Reception: March 8, 7:30 – 9 pm
In the Art Lounge at 300 Page Street

Tuvshuu grew up with her grandfather, herding sheep, helping him grow vegetables in their compound, and watching him craft Mongolian yurt, GER, in his woodshop long before she emigrated to the U.S. Her grandfather, Namdag, was not only a professional cook, but also an educator, a craftsman, and a casual art collector. By collecting pictures, candy wrappers, and newspaper cutouts of animals, especially horses, and nature, Tuvshuu’s grandfather inspired her to explore self-expression through art. She saw visual art as a way to transform one’s life experience.

Selected pieces exhibited at REROSE embody the creative transformation of Tuvshuu’s view of the world both before and after her studies at the College of Environmental Design at UC Berkeley. Her professional work as an architectural designer has not only enabled her to think more spatially, it has also allowed her to treasure moments in which ideas find their form in our existence. Tuvshuu’s work celebrates the mother earth and the beauty of its beings with an emphasis on duality, such as past vs. present, intentional vs. unintentional, conflicting vs. harmonious, and dark vs. bright.