August 14, 2018
Meet a Member and Support the Membership Drive

We are half-way through our August Membership Drive and are pleased to welcome over 33 new members to the San Francisco Zen Center community.

During this year’s drive we are exploring the many types of connections the membership program supports at SFZC, including a connection to community, inspiring teachings, and our present moment experience. To help us connect with each other, we created a series of videos about our members and their practice. In the video below you’ll meet Jason, a member and musician, who shares his skill, songs, and sitting practice.

Our hope is that the membership program supports people like Jason to feel connected to the freedom within daily life. One way that we support members in connecting to their practice is by offering a variety of benefits, which can be viewed on the membership website. This includes discounts on classes, one-day sittings, sesshins, and practice periods.

Membership also provides a major source of sustenance for SFZC, creating a reliable foundation that allows us to offer the teachings of wisdom and compassion. It’s through the generous gifts of our members that we are able to keep our temples open, providing a refuge for thousands.

To support our ability to continue sharing the teachings we are inviting SF Zen Center practitioners and friends to deepen their connection to SFZC by signing up for membership. This year our goal is to enroll 100 new members in 30 days. Please join us in building a more compassionate, ethical, and wise world.

To register, visit our website, where you can sign up for a recurring monthly membership payment. We recognize that paying monthly doesn’t work for everyone, so membership dues can also be paid by sending an annual check (with “annual membership” written in the memo line).

Thank you for considering SFZC in your practice of generosity.

Please contact the membership manager, Mei Elliott, at 415.354.0355 or, if you have any questions or need assistance with the enrollment process.