July 2, 2018
Featured Photo July 12 – Jukai / Lay Initiation at Green Gulch Farm

On Sunday, June 24, nine people received the precepts in a Jukai / Lay Initiation Ceremony at Green Gulch Farm. Congratulations to all!

Left to right: Isabel Kent / Quiet Sea, Manifest Way; Michael Meyers / Clear Mountain; Peaceful Way; Reirin Gumbel; Mary Bernau-Eigen / Vast Love, Medicine Voice; Susan Winecki / Extraordinary Generosity, Wisdom Lake; Eric Vogel / Benevolent River, Sincere Practice.


Fu Schroeder with Robyn Morris / Bamboo Forest, Zen Joy

Also receiving the precepts in the ceremony: Megan Petrucelli / Dragon Soaring, Nourishing Life; Betzi Sherman Jackson / Ancient Roots, Mysterious Source; and Tanja Palmer / Medicine Peak, Radiant Vow.