November 29, 2017
Introduction to Zen Meditation 禅修入门: New Class Series Taught in Mandarin Chinese

by Rev. Gendo Lucy Xiao (玄道)

Recently I gave meditation instruction at SFZC’s City Center. When I asked the newcomers what brought them to meditation, one person mentioned “peace of mind,” and another said “to be freed from suffering.” It struck me that no matter who we are, there is a common thread that brings us to practice—our inner-most desire to be freed from suffering and to live in peace and happiness.

In January, San Francisco Zen Center will offer its first meditation class taught in Chinese. It’s a 4-week class series which will lay the foundation for meditation and mindfulness practice through working with body, breath, and mind. I’m very delighted to be making this offering and hope that more and more people will enter the path of practice, no matter where they come from or what language they speak.