November 9, 2016
A Powerful Coming Together at Standing Rock Reservation

On November 3, members of the clergy from across the United States participated in a prayer circle in front of a bridge where demonstrators are facing off against police during a Dakota Access pipeline protest on the Standing Rock Indian Reservation near Cannonball, North Dakota.

dakota-access-pipeline-demonstration-wendyjohnsoninphoto_nbcnewsnov32016Joining the prayer circle is Wendy Johnson in a light brown rakusu on the left in the front row with other Buddhists, including Joe Bobrow (teacher at Deep Streams Zen Institute in Santa Barbara, California) and Myōkyō (abbess of Enpuku-ji in Montreal, Quebec).

This groundswell of support has brought individuals worldwide to this remote location where they unite in the defense of Native American rights and against environmental hazards. As Suzuki Roshi said in his May 25, 1966 lecture on Genjokoan, “Moment after moment we exist in interdependency to past and future and other existence.”

(photo by STEPHANIE KEITH / Reuters)

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