October 18, 2016
November Art Show at City Center


Sevilla Granger — Arborial Portraitist

Born and trained in Asheville, North Carolina, Sevilla has been painting the natural world for most of her life.

nov-2016-art-show-wp_sevilla-grangerReception: Friday, November 11, 7:30-9, in the Art Lounge at City Center, 300 Page Street, SF

With a grandmother who painted landscapes, a photographer for a Father, and the daughter of Sallie Middleton as her best friend, art was omnipresent and encouraged in her formative years. In the summer of 2003, after fifteen years as a Costume Designer in the film industry, Sevilla was inspired to return to painting after an intense creative awakening on Palatine Hill in Rome. The work she makes today isn’t far from the original inspiration there, just being constantly refined and focused. Sevilla currently lives and paints in San Francisco, and actively supports the arts community in her beloved city.

My work comes from a profound connection to the natural world. I seek to enrich the visual language conveying our relationship to nature by creating spiritually based artwork that audiences can appreciate in new ways. The use of trees for this exploration frees my imagination to focus on translating this relationship into graphic form.  – Sevilla Granger