May 24, 2016
New Volunteer Positions at City Center

We are currently seeking volunteers for two positions in our Programs Department at City Center.

The Programs Department is responsible for developing and coordinating the various classes and workshops that are offered at our three temples:  City Center, Green Gulch Farm Zen Center, and Tassajara during the guest season. A brief description of these positions is listed below.  For more information, please contact Mimi Saunders, Program Director, by email:

Please include a brief description of your relevant experience (or your resume) along with your email.

Volunteer Event Coordinator

This role will be responsible for working with the Program Director to help coordinate a lecture and workshop at an offsite location in San Francisco.  The lecture will be for around 200 people, and the workshop will be for around 75-100 people.

This event will be a benefit for San Francisco Zen Center, and will be focused on the the Buddha’s teachings about sickness, old age, and death.  The position requires 5-10 volunteer hours per week, through November of this year starting in late June or early July.  Volunteer hours will vary week to week depending on the workload.

Videographer and Editor

This person will support the production of videos associated with San Francisco Zen Center’s online courses, such as Meeting this Moment and Manifesting the Wisdom of the Body.

Because this work is highly technical, we are looking for someone with the following qualifications:

  • Minimum three years’ experience  in shooting and editing footage from both single-camera and multi-camera set-ups
  • Experience using Final Cut Pro for video editing
  • The ability to commit to three to five hours of volunteer work a week, with a flexible schedule.

Please include a few samples of your video work with your email.