May 24, 2016
Celebrating Tassajara No Race 2016

This past weekend, friends old and new met at Tassajara to take part in the 39th No Race. Here are some photographic souvenirs of a joyous couple of days in the valley.


A group of energetic No Racers approach a water stop on Tassajara Road. Photo: Myles Cowherd


After the race, Zen Center Board chair Larry Bye, Green Gulch Abiding Abbess Fu Schroeder, and Tassajara Abiding Teacher Leslie James in the courtyard with the No Race T-shirt archive. Photo: Jennifer Orr


The onlookers keenly await the unveiling of this year’s winning T-shirt. Photo: Tova Green


Abbess Fu and Abbot Ed relax for a moment on the road. Photo: Myles Cowherd


The 2016 No Race T-shirt, designed by former City Center resident Sandy Lamerson. Photo: Myles Cowherd