May 11, 2016
The Joy of Work Period at Tassajara

Tassajara work periods happen in April and September, when a band of enthusiastic volunteers descend on the valley and roll up their sleeves to transform it into a summer haven and retreat center (in April) and back into a monastery (in September).

This year, long-term practitioner Judith Keenan, carpenter and film-maker, brought her camera along with her construction tools, and here are the wonderful results.


The line for gourmet vegetarian lunch outside the dining room.


Working on the courtyard walkway: in front, new SFZC board member Piper Murakami, and, from left, Kok Loong Lye, Rain Burns, Judith Keenan, and Fran Burton


Bernard McPhillips, Gentoku Smith and Molly Green working on the bath house


The new path to the helicopter pad is carved into the side of the mountain


Farewell to Tassajara: a final view