May 9, 2016
TassNow: May Retreats Have Limited Availability (but there are still some!)
Is one of these retreats perfect for you?

Photo by Margo Moritz
May retreats include: Aligning with Stillness (yoga), Finding Equanimity in a Difficult Profession (for lawyers), Energy and Inquiry (yoga), Timeless Spring (cooking/gardening), and Healing Our Hungry Ghosts (mindful living).

For questions or to reserve your room, please contact Tassajara Reservations by phone, 888-743-9362, or email

 NOTE: TassNow room availability updates refer only to last-minute / near-future availability at Tassajara. These updates don’t necessarily mean that other dates aren’t available. For all inquiries about availability and reservations at Tassajara, please contact Tassajara, as indicated above.