April 20, 2016
When Kim Hart Became Kogen Daiho

After many years of practice, Kim Hart was ordained as a priest by her teacher Ryushin Paul Haller in the City Center Buddha Hall on Saturday, April 16, surrounded by family and friends. 

Kim’s new dharma name is Kogen Daiho, which translates as Loyalty Source, Great Dharma. After the ceremony, she said: “Many years, and many hearts, and a big intention – and then many more years, all culminated in this clear, inimitable moment. It was so moving and I’m so grateful to have been a part of it with all of you.”

Ryushin Paul Haller ceremonially shaving Kim’s head. Photo: Krista De Castella


At the end of the ceremony, Ryushin congratulates the new priest. Photo: Chris Shelton

Sozan Michael McCord, Green Gulch Abiding Abbess Furyu Nancy Schroeder, Kogen Kim Hart, Senior Dharma Teacher Ryushin Paul Haller, City Center Abiding Abbot Rinso Ed Sattizahn, and Myogan Djinn Gallagher. Photo: Shundo David Haye


Krista De Castella, Kogen, Myles Cowherd, Ryushin, and Djinn Gallagher. Photo: Clare Hollander


Tim Kroll and the new priest examine her robes. Photo: Clare Hollander



Kogen and Ryushin enjoying a celebratory slice of cake afterwards. Photo: Myles Cowherd

Joshua Sandeman
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