April 8, 2016
Congratulations to GGF Shuso Jisen Stephen Hale

The Shuso for the Spring 2016 Practice Period at Green Dragon Temple was Jisen Stephen Hale, whose Shuso Ceremony took place on April 4.

The practice period, led by Central Abbess Eijun Linda Cutts, was called “Upright and Complete: Practicing with Noble Speech,” and Stephen’s uprightness was praised by the practice period participants as they honored his  friendliness and his mischievous wit.


The Shuso and His Support Group: Rebecca Meris-Miche (Anja), Bryan Clarke (Jisha), Eijun Linda Cutts (Central Abbess), Tenshin Reb Anderson (Senior Dharma Teacher), Jisen Stephen Hale (Shuso), and Jack Thomas (Benji) in Cloud Hall after the ceremony. Photo: Shundo David Haye


A Word to the Wise: Senior Dharma Teacher Tenshin Reb Anderson with his student Jisen Stephen Hale. Photo: Shundo David Haye