March 18, 2016
The Littlest Bodhisattva

Tassajara monks Lauren and Kogen Dito-Keith are delighted to announce the birth of baby Calliope. Born on Saturday, March 12, at 1:11am, and named after the muse of epic poetry, Calliope Gail Dito-Keith is 7.1 lbs and 19in long, and “perfect in every way”, according to her parents – indeed, she’s “a babe in the world in five aspects complete”, as Kogen’s teacher Eijun Linda Cutts commented.


Lauren, left, and Kogen, right, with their new daughter, Calliope


Calliope contemplates the world with a newborn’s intensity


Keith Meyerhoff and Tassajara abiding teacher Leslie James greet the littlest bodhisattva