February 17, 2016
The Rhythm of Tassajara’s Seasons

by Linda Galijan, Director

We are now at the midpoint of the winter practice period, poised between winter and spring. Last night was skit night, full of the joy of friends and community, laughter and music. Tonight is the Parinirvana ceremony, a deeply solemn occasion commemorating the death of the Buddha. Sitter-in-Zendo-by-Hamish-John-ApplebyIn a few days, we enter into middle sesshin, bodies and minds dropping off in the silence and stillness. Held in the heart of this valley, by the practice we share as one body, we explore the wilderness within and without.

In the midst of this still-point, we are simultaneously opening our thoughts and hearts to the guests and students who will enter the gate this summer. At the bottom of the out-breath of the practice period, the in-breath of nascent spring is arising, irresistible as the narcissus and daffodils erupting in front of the zendo, buoyant as the canyon wrens and red-shafted flickers singing the darkness into light every morning as we sit.

Umpan-by-Hamish-John-ApplebyCome join us this summer! We look forward to seeing old friends again and hearing how your year has been, and to sharing the delights of Tassajara with many new people.