January 27, 2016
How Blanche is Doing, by Abbot Ed Sattizahn

Dear Sangha,

I’d like to share a brief update on Blanche. She is still living at AgeSong, after deciding not to relocate to another assisted living community in San Francisco. She has become comfortable with the surroundings at AgeSong, as well as with their staff. She recently had a lovely holiday visit from out-of-town family from the east coast. Blanche was excited to see her granddaughter Rebecca and her family, as well as her other granddaughter Mariana, and her daughter Trudy. Mariana and Trudy live locally. They all went to the park at Fell and Octavia. Trudy says the kids call it ‘Up High’.



Here is Blanche (lower left) with her granddaughter Rebecca (above) and Rebecca’s daughter Jean Louise (“up high” above her mom) and Rebecca’s son William Isadore (Willy Izzy ) on the rope ladder in front of his Aunt Trudy (Blanche’s daughter) and next to his cousin, Trudy’s  daughter Mariana. Great family photo!

Blanche sends her wishes for everyone to have a happy and healthy New Year.


Rinso Ed Sattizahn

Abiding Abbot

City Center