December 29, 2015
Congratulations, Fall 2015 Tassajara Shuso

The fall 2015 practice period at Tassajara saw Djinn Gallagher running the wake-up bell at 3:45 every morning as shuso (head monk). The Shuso Ceremony (also called Hossenshiki, which translates as “dharma combat”) on December 18 was the culmination of her three months of monastic training, and launches her into the next stage of her practice as a teacher.

Congratulations to Djinn and to all the Tassajara monks who participated in the practice period, led by Djinn’s teacher, Ryushin Paul Haller.


Ryushin Paul Haller and new shuso Djinn Gallagher



Richard Larson, Tassajara Tanto Greg Fain, Ryushin Paul Haller, Djinn Gallagher and Nada Odar



Participants in the Tassajara Fall 2015 practice period. Front row: Tassajara Tanto Greg Fain, Tassajara Director Linda Galijan, Senior Dharma Teacher Ryushin Paul Haller, Shuso Djinn Gallagher, Benji Myles Cowherd, Jisha Michael McCord



Djinn Gallagher with her husband, Richard Larson



Photos by Shundo David Haye