November 4, 2015
Board Election 2015 and the Return of Paper Ballots

The San Francisco Zen Center Board of Directors presents the following list of nominees for three-year board terms, commencing January 1, 2016: Helen Degenhardt, Roger Hillyard, Dennis McNally and Piper Murakami.

Helen Degenhardt, Roger Hillyard, Dennis McNally, Piper Murakami.

Helen Degenhardt, Roger Hillyard, Dennis McNally, Piper Murakami.

For more information, including biographical information and statements, see the Board Candidates page under Governance on the main site.

The board approved this list of nominees, finding each candidate to have demonstrated a deep commitment to Zen Center and to possess the qualifications and capacity to lead, focus and guide Zen Center in carrying out its purpose: to express, make accessible, and embody the wisdom and compassion of the Buddha. While the board believes this slate will provide exceptional leadership and expertise for Zen Center, the ballot will also permit voting members to write in one or more eligible candidates, as in years past; the candidates who secure the most votes will carry the election.

We thank our candidates, who are prepared to contribute many hours supporting the organization, and the mission and people it serves.

Last year Zen Center organized its first online board election. However, this year due to transitions in personnel, the time and resources needed to hold an online election are not available. SFZC members eligible to vote (with one year of continuous membership) may start receiving paper ballots in the mail next week.

Questions may be directed to Jeremy Levie, incoming secretary, at