September 9, 2015
New Website Compiles Teaching and Poetry of Daigan Lueck

A new website has been created to commemorate Daigan Lueck, who lived and taught at Green Gulch Farm Zen Center for many years until his death this past spring. Fellow Green Gulch resident teacher Jiryu Mark Rutschman-Byler created the site at with the permission of his widow, Arlene Lueck. Jiryu has lovingly compiled Daigan’s recorded dharma talks and poetry, with print and video recordings of a few of his readings.

As a sample, here is an excerpt from “Zazen,” in the collection Scattered Leaves, under the Poetry tab of the site:

in the dark before dawn
we come one by one silently
wrapped in black robes
to settle like crows on our cushions
folding our knees and hands
I count my breath on the outbreath
one two three four
staring at the floor in the dim light
the far-off sounds of the tide
rising and falling
five six seven
Dreams memories desires . . .

Read the rest of this poem (fourth poem in the collection).

Visit the website for more poetry, dharma talk audio recordings, video and photos in celebration and memory of Daigan.

Video still from "Kobu Zabione" under the Poetry tab of the site.

Video still from “Kobu Zabione” under the Poetry tab of the site.