July 6, 2015
SFZC Board Meeting Abbreviated Minutes (6/17/15)

The Zen Center Board of Directors met at Green Gulch Farm on June 17.  The meeting predominantly concerned the Sangha Project, and the Board passed the following resolution.

The SFZC Board of Directors Resolution Approval for the Continued Development of the SFZC Initiative, the Sangha Project.

Whereas as part of the Widening the Circle Capital Campaign, the SFZC Board unanimously deemed the “4th Practice Center” project to be a worthwhile effort to pursue, approving it in concept and supporting it to raise “seed” development funds and continue to develop to accomplish its mission, widen SFZC’s circle of practice, and contribute positively to the long-term financial sustainability of SFZC; and

Whereas the 4th Practice Center project concept and plan has continued to evolve, with modifications and improvements, and is now called the “Sangha Project” to reflect its focus on helping SFZC to be successful in fostering a strong, enduring and mutually beneficial membership program by means of an online community of practice that can support and grow the SFZC membership through a combination of SFZC’s current in-person and new online practice offerings; and

Whereas the Sangha Project team is requesting approval to raise the funds required to begin the initial phase of the project;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED:  That the SFZC Board supports and authorizes the Sangha Project to take appropriate steps to implement its plan and raise the funds necessary to move the project forward, subject to the following conditions:

1.    All operations of the Sangha Project shall be funded by capital raised by the Sangha Project development team, and no SFZC operational funds shall be made available to fund any phase of this project;

2.    Prior to November 1, 2015, the Board will have received from the Sangha Project development team, and will have approved, a proposal specifying both the organizational structure of the Sangha Project and the public relationship that will exist between the Sangha Project and SFZC;

3.    Prior to November 1, 2015, the Board will have received from the Sangha Project development team, and will have approved, a business plan with established performance benchmarks;

4.    The Board will continue to review, on a regular basis, progress reports for each development and post-launch stage and determine whether they have been attained.