June 3, 2015
Comings and Goings in the Valley

We are four and a half weeks into our summer guest season, and over 200 guests have travelled here to enjoy the lush spring landscape, the soothing hot mineral baths and the pervasive tranquil atmosphere—including Governor Jerry Brown.

Govenor-Jerry-Brown-and-wife-Anne-Gust-May-2015-at-Tassajara-ZMCAmong the comings and goings, Governor Jerry Brown, his wife Anne Gust and their new puppy visited us this May. It was an eventful visit, as the governor had not been back to Tassajara since 1974.

Throughout Tassajara Zen Mountain Center, the aliveness of the surrounding wilderness is ever present, and no quality is more pervasive than the sound of the creek’s current, swiftly traveling through. A guest recorded this short video of the creek on May 15 because as she explains, “I just love the sound of the creek all through Tassajara and the sound was strongest there so I took the video so I can bring the sound home with me.”

The spot she chose was at the end of the Overlook Trail, not far from the falls and by the a wooden bridge close to the retreat hall. Do you have a favorite spot at Tassajara? Is there a sight or sound that you carry home with you?

[iframe width=”100%” height=”480″ src=”http://player.vimeo.com/video/129591479″].