April 28, 2015
A Fresh Season for Green Gulch Apprentices

Earlier this month, a new crop of farm and garden apprentices began their six-month programs at Green Gulch Farm. These vibrant, enthusiastic students, along with other members of the farm and garden crews, maintain the One Farm Season blog, with updates and reflections on their experience. The photo below from Betsy McCall came from a post on July 1 last year, in which she recalled her April start as an apprentice. Her post begins with a quote from Lauren Bouyea (then garden manager):

Photo: Betsy McCall

Crab apple blossoms in the garden (Photo: Betsy McCall).

“You arrive with the apple blossoms, fresh and pink.
What will you prune? What will you nourish?”

Those may not have been her exact words, but that is the sentiment that has stayed with me from Lauren’s words at the welcoming ceremony on Day 1 of the apprenticeship….

Read more from Betsy (and others) on the One Farm Season blog. For more information about apprenticeships offered at Green Gulch Farm, see Apprenticeship Programs.