November 4, 2014
Featured Photo, November 5

On Halloween last Friday, City Center held its annual Sejiki Ceremony followed by a costumed dinner. At this annual event, Zen Center hosts a group of kids from Clara House, a neighboring transitional housing facility for families. After dinner, the kids get to “trick or treat,” and residents have the opportunity to meet the kids-in-guise at their doors with candy.  Pictured are this year’s trick-or-treaters with adult companions from Clara House.

Photo: Chris Shelton

Photo: Chris Shelton

Joshua Sandeman
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Medicine and the Dharma

Joshua Sandeman, a former SFZC resident, is a Nurse Practitioner based in Salem, Oregon. “Medicine puts me face-to-face with all manner of human suffering and it can be a challenge to take care of feelings of burnout, detachment, and despair."