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September 30, 2014

Cloud Hall Raffle Drawing Selects Winners and Raises Funds

Following a full summer of ticket sales and heightened anticipation, the final winners were drawn last Sunday for the raffles to benefit Green Gulch’s renovation of Cloud Hall (see a photographic chronicle of the progress on the Renovation and Restoration blog). The raffle raised $18,800 toward the massive project, with $110,000 left to raise.

Central Abbess Eijun Linda Cutts selects a winner for one of the many prizes.

Central Abbess Eijun Linda Cutts selects a winner for one of the many prizes.

A variety of prize types were raffled off, from Tassajara gift certificates to regular vegetable or bread deliveries, to various dinner prizes at Greens Restaurant, and others. One very unique prize was a lovely Heart Sutra print by artist Mayumi Oda, whose lucky winner was Jim Pagel, a member of the Hokoji sanga founded by Kobun Chino in Taos, NM. Serendipitously, the prize had special meaning for Jim, who said, “Last year I had the pleasure of traveling to Japan with Mayumi (in a tour led by Joan Halifax and Kaz Tanahashi and sponsored by Upaya—Santa Fe). I will treasure and care for this beautiful rendition of the Heart Sutra.”

Sincere thanks go to all who participated in the raffle, contributing to the improvement and maintenance of Zen Center’s facilities.

As mentioned above,  your ongoing support is needed to help fully fund this project. Please click here to make a donation, or to read more about it, please visit the Capital Campaign’s Cloud Hall Renovation page.