September 30, 2014
An Appropriate Response to Adversity: A Reflection by Keiryu Liên Shutt

When faced with how to respond to events in our lives—perhaps in a local way such as homelessness right outside our doors, or world events such as the Ebola crisis or a Ferguson-type situation—we may be trying to decide what to do.

Lien_ShuttCan anyone really tell each of us what to do?

These days, I am reflecting more on the how and the whereHow am I responding to what’s happening? Am I aware of what’s actually happening? Where is it that I am placing my attention? Am I aware of the quality of my attention?

Bringing effort, time and care to how I’m being with events can assist in coming to a decision which is in alignment with my intentions, abilities, and/or capacity at this point in time.


Liên invites you to explore these kinds of topics further with her and others in the workshop An Appropriate Response: What Is a Buddhist Response to Adversity? Join her at City Center on Saturday, October 25, from 9 am to 4:30 pm. Follow the link above for a full description and registration.