September 9, 2014
Zenju Earthlyn Manuel on Living through Strong Emotions

Many of us find ourselves stuck in painful experiences in our lives for days, months and even years. Zenju Earthlyn Manuel’s workshop Living through Strong Emotions is an invitation to learn how to use these experiences as a foundation to generate joy and liberation within. This week Zenju offered this explanation to Sangha News:

CC_ZenjuEarthlyn Manuel_72resWhen we are grappling with strong emotions such as rage, grief and disappointment, we are being fully human. We are experiencing what is in our hearts. It is okay even if we are practicing the Buddha Way to cry, express anger and be dissatisfied. We are to be totally exposed to others and ourselves in our community in walking the path of liberation. In a non-harmful way we are to see who we are, including our emotional selves. At the same time, we are to understand that all emotions are old. They come from a past experience. It is our habits, our old thoughts and patterns that have emerged as strong emotions or kleshas.

You can explore with Zenju how to practice with strong emotions in her workshop at City Center on Saturday, October 11, from 1:30 to 4:30 pm. (More info)