September 9, 2014
Watershed Work Party This Sunday Begins with Visit to Creek Restoration Site

Hello Green Gulch watershed volunteers,

The skies have cleared of fog and the sun has been shining. Even more amazing is the transformation that is occurring down in our 5th and 6th fields. The creek restoration project is underway!

Watershed Work Party
Sunday, September 14
Meet at the stop sign near the GGF Wheelwright Ctr at 1 pm
We will work until 3:30 and then get together for tea & muffins
Come at 12:15 for a complimentary lunch

Both new and returning volunteers welcome
RSVP: 415-354-0432 or

Our deepest thanks to all of you who have contributed your time and energy in preparing for this exciting time. Removing cape ivy can seem endless, but the site looked so clean I felt really confident that we are starting with a clean slate.

During the last two weeks, men in big machines have been moving tons and tons of soil. They have also been re-moving vegetation and trees and digging beautiful channels. There is a rainbow of colored stakes marking out the new creek channel and its flood plain. The ground work has been laid for a new bridge to be installed next to the horse pasture.

Check out our Renovation and Restoration blog to get more details and photos, with an introduction to the creek restoration project and a post titled, “Creek Construction Begins.”

We will start our work party this Sunday with a visit to the creek restoration site and then we will get down to work.

Projects will be selected from the following list:

  • Sukey_toward_creekCollect seed for the restoration planting later in the year.
  • Apply more mulch on the Bermuda grass patch in the 5th field.
  • Scrape and sheet mulch another Bermuda grass section in the 5th field.
  • Any nursery work that needs attention.

We look forward to seeing you this Sunday!

With our appreciation and delight,
Sukey and Audrey