August 26, 2014
Art Exhibit, September 2014: Awakened Beings

Awakened Being2Mixed Media by Chloe La Bare

September 2014
in the City Center Art Lounge
300 Page Street, San Francisco

Reception: Thursday, Sep 4, 6:30 pm
Includes original storytelling by award-winning performer Alicia Dattner, and live music by songwriter Aliza Hava, beginning at 7 pm.

Artist’s Statement

This series of mixed media works is the result of my experiments with a new painting technique involving fabric, fluid watercolor inks and metallic paint. Through this very organic process, a series of pieces emerged that took on a life of their own. Like spirits escaping from a fire, like ancient beings drawn on the walls of a cave, they appeared to share the qualities of vibrance and changeable essence that belong to Awakened Beings.

Evocative of an essential human condition, in between form and formless and the primal elements—air, fire, water, metal, earth—the Awakened Beings series offers an open space for everyone’s reverie and true exploration.

Chloe La Bare is an innovative visual artist based in San Francisco. Creative highlights include children’s book illustrations and animation art for a Grammy-nominated music video by the local band Papahugs. A dedicated artist, teacher and healer, she finds interdisciplinary exploration in visual, language and healing arts to be a rich inspiration. Chloe grew up between Provence and Paris, France, in a household that held language in high regard. Ever the free spirit and innovator, Chloe at age three would spend hours “reading” books upside down. She found home in San Francisco, where she immersed herself in visual arts as her favorite artistic crucible of transformation. Chloe sees the process of making art as a high-spirited approach for an enhanced way of life, combining a childlike exuberance with a purposeful discovery to find new ways of engaging the world. For more on her work, visit