July 3, 2014
An Evening Musical Performance

(photos by David Silva)

This past June, one of the creations to come out of the Meditation, Mindfulness and Songwriting retreat, led by Jimmie Dale Gilmore, Janet Gilmore, Al Staehely and Seido Jamie Howell, was an evening musical performance.

Jimmie Dale Gilmore, award-winning musician and songwriter, and Seido Jamie Howell, lay dharma entrustment Zen priest, grew up on the same block in Lubbock, Texas, and went to school together. Having never lost their connection over the years, Seido Jamie came up with the idea to have a songwriting retreat at Tassajara, and to stage the evening’s performance.

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Joshua Sandeman
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Joshua Sandeman, a former SFZC resident, is a Nurse Practitioner based in Salem, Oregon. “Medicine puts me face-to-face with all manner of human suffering and it can be a challenge to take care of feelings of burnout, detachment, and despair."