May 20, 2014
San Francisco Pride Parade 2014 – June 29

Sunday, June 29, 9 am – 5 pm

The San Francisco Zen Center sangha will be marching in the Pride Parade for the seventh consecutive year, manifesting the harmony of difference and equality. You are warmly welcomed to join in this joyous celebration.

Photo: Ravi Chandra

Photo: Ravi Chandra


We are in need of volunteers to act as contingent monitors who will monitor the safety of our group of parade participants. This requires a one-hour training prior to the day of the parade. If you are interested in volunteering for the event please email Dan Belsky at

Participate by walking or riding in the parade with the SFZC float, handing out flyers and carrying banners.

Photo: Caren McDonald

Photo: Caren McDonald

While waiting for the parade to start we will be decorating the “floating zendo.” There may be time to watch part of the parade before we start marching. We will bring water and snacks for everyone, but you may want to bring some of your own.

Let’s celebrate the LGBTIQ community at the San Francisco Pride Parade!


8:00 am: Meet at City Center for breakfast.

8:50 am: Gather supplies, leave City Center, and head over to our parade staging spot, which will be downtown on Beale St., between Market St. and Mission St—in the Q2 quadrant, line-up number 196.

9:45 am: Start setting up and decorating ourselves and our float!