May 13, 2014
Zen Center Participates in Bike to Worship, May 31

May is Bike Month in San Francisco. Thursday, May 8th, saw the 20th annual Bike to Work Day, and this year the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition and the San Francisco Interfaith Council have teamed up to create Bike to Worship Week, to promote cycling to your place of worship.

Bike_to_Worship_Logo_May_31_x350Zen Center is excited to be a part of this event. We know that many people already come to Zen Center by bike—we added a bike corral outside the zendo door on Laguna Street last year as part of our effort to encourage cycling.

We would like to extend the invitation to people to come to the Saturday public program on May 31 (the meditation instruction at 8:45 am, the public meditation at 9:25, and the dharma talk at 10:00) by bike and related human-powered methods, like skateboarding and rollerblading, as a small part of making the city and our neighborhood less congested, not to mention supporting your health and well-being. We will have extra refreshments for you—and a raffle.

If you know that you will be coming by bike on that morning, why not leave a comment below saying where you will be coming from and what time you will be leaving, and perhaps we can have some bike-pools, especially if you are an experienced city rider who would like to encourage newcomers to biking.