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May 9, 2014

TassNow: Tassajara Availability in May

Will wonders never cease! We are ripe with possibility in May!

May 18th-28th might be a good time to play the lottery if you can’t join us — very auspicious days! Creekside Cabins, Yurts, and more are available for multi-night stays.  And a smattering of 1-night stays — the stars are aligned!

Photo by Margo Moritz

For questions or to reserve your room, please contact Tassajara Reservations by phone, 888-743-9362, or email.

NOTE: TassNow room availability updates refer only to last minute / near future availability at Tassajara. These updates don’t necessarily mean that other dates aren’t available.

For all inquiries about availability and reservations at Tassajara, please contact Tassajara, as indicated above.

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