April 22, 2014
SFZC Board Meeting Abbreviated Minutes (4/16/14)

The Board unanimously passed a budget of more than six million dollars for fiscal year 2014-15, and added special commendations to the president (Susan O’Connell), treasurer (Jordan Thorn), and Finance Committee chair (Helen Degenhardt) for the quality of their work and of the presentation.

The Board unanimously approved the selection of Maria Linsao as the new corporate secretary of Zen Center for a minimum two-year term.  Maria came to Zen Center in 2002 and was ordained in 2010. She has been tenzo at Tassajara and an assistant to Central Abbess Linda Ruth Cutts.

The selection was followed by a number of tributes to outgoing Secretary Connie Cummings for her contributions, particularly recently in Zen Center’s IT realm. It thus makes sense that Connie will be remaining at Zen Center as chief information officer.