April 15, 2014
Green Gulch Farm Named “Food Donor of the Week” by ExtraFood.org

Last week, the organization ExtraFood.org honored Zen Center by naming Green Gulch Farm “Food Donor of the Week.” The nonprofit collects extra fresh food from other organizations that would otherwise go to waste, to help people in need. Their mission is “to help end hunger and reduce food waste in Marin County.”

800px-Fruits_veggies_cropHere’s what they said about Green Gulch:

Our Food Donor of the Week is Green Gulch Farm Zen Center. Green Gulch has been donating wonderful vegetarian food which is a great fit for some of our recipients. Of their center, Green Gulch says, “our effort at Green Gulch is to awaken in ourselves and the many people who come here the bodhisattva spirit, the spirit of kindness and realistic helpfulness.”