February 25, 2014
Suzuki Roshi Gets a New Seat Too, at City Center

At City Center, Suzuki Roshi holds a central post in the daily life of the temple—in many ways, but the most tangible way may be through his wooden likeness looking out from the Kaisando, or Founder’s Hall, in the center of the building, on the second floor. His presence is acknowledged daily, or numerous times daily, as residents and visitors routinely pass by (first stopping to bow). For many years, the statue has rested in seated position on what was intended only as a temporary altar support, covered in heavily embroidered cloth. Just last week, however, a beautiful new cedar altar was completed that was designed by John Lombardi, City Center’s longtime building manager, and built with the help of resident Eli Stevenson. This welcome update comes just before Zen Center’s new abbots take their own new seats in an installation ceremony this Sunday.

The following slideshow offers snapshots of a few final steps of the altar’s installation. During the transition from the old to the new structure, Suzuki Roshi was discovered appropriately seated on the floor facing the wall.

Slideshow note: Clicking on the image increases the advancing speed.
Photos by Shundo David Haye

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