February 25, 2014
SFZC Board Meeting Abbreviated Minutes (2/19/14)

The single action item concerned the Zen Center Archives. It was noted that they have not always been well-housed or cared for; space is at a premium, and the expense and energy needed to care for them is limited. As such, the Board was asked to approve a Deed of Gift, granting the Archives to the Bancroft Library at the University of California. The agreement as drafted will allow the University and scholars fair use of some of the materials—privacy limits are in place—and allow Zen Center to retain publishing rights. The “yes” vote was unanimous.

The other main topic of conversation was the ongoing project of developing our so-called “Fourth Practice Center”—online access to Zen Center teachings. After a period of researching what potential students want from the Practice Center—briefly, meaningful engagement as a practitioner—the team is now moving into a phase of experiments to determine ways to accomplish that. Keep an eye on Sangha News for more news about these efforts.