February 19, 2014
Preparing for Mountain Seat Weekend: A Call for Volunteers

The City Center kitchen will be preparing food for the weekend of March 1-2, when Abbess Christina Lehnherr steps down and incoming Abbot Ed Sattizhan and Abbess Fu Schroeder step up to the Mountain Seat. We are expecting a lot of guests for this important occasion. Traditionally, the entire community, residential and non-residential, comes together to create such events.

2014_mountain_seat_art_x80One place we could really use help is in the kitchen. If you are available for a kitchen shift (1:30 – 3 pm on Tuesday, February 25 through Friday, February 28) please contact the front office, at 415.863.3136 or ccoffice@sfzc.org.

Your help is greatly appreciated.