February 18, 2014
Miscellaneous Needs for Green Gulch Garden

The Green Gulch Garden requests your help filling three special needs:

IMG_6814_GGF_garden_x3501. The Green Gulch garden is in need of used one-gallon pots. Please drop off in the garden or contact garden@sfzc.org.

2. We also have two sea buckthorn plants (each about seven feet tall) in need of a good home. They need to be moved due to the upcoming creek restoration work in the garden. Please contact garden@sfzc.org if you’re interested.

3. Lastly, we are interested in cultivating a group of dedicated volunteers during the upcoming growing season, when our crew will be smaller than usual due to the Cloud Hall renovation taking place at Green Gulch. If you are interested in committing to a regular volunteer schedule in the garden, please contact garden@sfzc.org.