February 12, 2014
Saying Farewell: A Record of the Funeral for Myogen

The funeral ceremony for Myogen Steve Stücky was held at Green Gulch Farm Zen Center on Sunday, February 9, at 3 pm. The two-hour ceremony was live streamed on the web and projected on screens for the overflow seating in Cloud Hall at Green Gulch and in the dining room at City Center—all while a steady downpour refreshed the land amid one of the most severe regional droughts on record. A reception afterward filled both the Green Gulch dining room and the Wheelwright Center. A posting on the Subtle Eye blog offers some records from the day honoring the memory of Myogen:

  • Steve's-funeral---LRC-with-the-ashes_x350Program listing
  • Photo collage of Steve, plus song lyrics (“Incredible Machine”)
  • Statement by Steve’s son James
  • Condolence statements (PDF)
  • Video of ceremony

See the full posting on Subtle Eye.