December 5, 2013
December 5

Dear Friends,

Included in this update are two pictures. Most mornings Abbot Steve does a morning jundo. This is a ceremony in which he carries a lit stick of incense to various altars throughout the house and yard, ending with an offering to the Quanyin statue at the altar in the back yard. The first picture is of the Quanyin altar; the second is of Abbot Steve after coming in from his jundo two days ago.

This past week has been a mix of clear, pain-controlled times, and difficult, pain-filled hours. Today was a day in which Abbot Steve woke and spent two hours reading Dogen before the rest of the household started to stir. As I am writing this, he is now sitting in the living room enjoying the changing light while working.

Abbot Steve is feeling very connected to all those people who are sitting Rohatsu Sesshin all over the world, and all the multitude of you who are supporting those who are sitting.

He especially wanted me reiterate his deep feelings of gratitude for all the support he has received and continues to receive from each and every one of you. May your goodwill benefit all those in the ten directions.

Abbot Steve and mary



  1. Shokuchi

    Thank you, Abbot Steve, for your living practice, so clear and grounded. You are demonstrating the body and mind of practice in each moment of living your daily life. Thank you Mary for witnessing this practice and telling us about it so that we who hear and read about it can grow in understanding. Deep bows and warm and gentle hugs to you both.

  2. Sophia Anderson-Lee

    Dearest Steve,

    Life is gifted to each of us, and as we dance in and out of form, we have an opportunity to enliven this incarnate experience with story, and meaning and presence.

    That You have so open-heartedly shared Your life with us all these years, and especially the story of Your journey these past weeks… and that You have always done so with such deep love and wisdom…has had the amazing effect of helping me to awaken within my own life, to the realization…that no one dies…not even our stories… when this form again transforms into it’s magical constituent parts.

    “The life that flows through each of us and through everything around us is actually all connected. To say that, of course, means that who I really am cannot be separated from all the things that surround me.”

    Dearest Steve, You are a Bodhisattva of Bodhisattvas…the Buddha flows directly to You…and through You… and on to us all. We are One in the Dhamma. We always were, and will always be…forevermore.

    We flow and dance…in and out of form…always as Buddha…always in the Dhamma.

    Deep Deep Bows to You dearest Abbot, dearest Teacher, for sharing this dance with us all, and for loving us all so deeply and so well.

    We Love You and are so grateful for Your Presence on our lives. May our Love be an energy and support for You on this magical journey.


  3. Brent Haas

    Thank You for your gifts Abbot Steve.
    Thank You Mary.
    Deep bows.
    Lv&Lite, Brent

  4. Jim Hare

    Dear Steve,
    I sat Rohatsu with newly minted Abbot Myo Lahey at Hartford Street Zen Center. It was a somewhat “rickety” sesshin, including one trip to the hospital for Myo to treat a wicked migraine headache. Nevertheless, the new Abbot gave each scheduled Dharma talk and performed a Jukai ceremony for two sangha members at the end of the sesshin. The Dharma wheel all-inclusively turns . . .

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