November 12, 2013
November 12

Dear Friends,

Jay gently reminded me this morning that I had not sent in an update for a while and asked if there would be one today.  Thank you, Jay, for the reminder.

Abbot Steve’s condition has been changing. Just about two weeks ago he and Lane made contact with an incredibly supportive hospice doctor. With careful monitoring and close contact with the hospice doctor many changes were made in Abbot Steve’s pain control regimen. For now Abbot Steve seems to have found pain relief that is effective and allows for mental clarity. This new regimen also seems to have lessened his nausea some. He still has virtually no appetite and his energy is very limited, but given the difficulty felt last week, today seemed much more easeful.

Abbot Steve underwent a second chemo treatment last Thursday and is scheduled for a third one the day after tomorrow. It is too early to know if the chemo is of benefit, but Abbot Steve is intending to continue with the treatments until he is no longer strong enough or it proves to be affecting his health adversely.

Thank you all again for your cards and blog entries. Abbot Steve appreciates all of these messages of love and support a great deal and has the wish that these wishes help alleviate the suffering of all beings.