November 11, 2013
Green Gulch Featured as Part of Nature Conservancy’s Legacy in Marin County

The Nature Conservancy recently featured Green Gulch as one of 11 “conservation achievements” in Marin County pictured on an interactive web map with this caption:

In the 1970s, many working ranches throughout the Bay Area were being sold to developers. The Conservancy partnered with a local family to protect their coastal ranch. Today the land includes important habitat, hiking trails, an organic farm, and a Zen center all within the Golden Gate National Recreation Area.

Photo: Steph Wenderski

Photo: Steph Wenderski

The projects profiled on the web map compose a tour of The Nature Conservancy’s role in helping to build the Golden Gate National Recreation Area and nearby protected lands in Marin County. Green Gulch is number six in the series.

For the past 50 years, San Francisco Zen Center has maintained the practice of environmental stewardship and the sustainability of community life as essential elements of its mission to offer Zen Buddhism to the broader community.