November 7, 2013
November 7

Dear Friends,

Abbot Steve returned home about an hour ago from the 2nd of 3 chemotherapy sessions in this first cycle of treatments. It was a long morning and he is exhausted.

It has been a difficult week. Steve is still working to manage his ever-present pain. There has been some hope that a place of stability could be found which would afford both mental clarity and lower levels of pain, but as of yet that place has been elusive. He is having continuing difficulty with nausea, and his appetite is very limited.

Abbot Steve moves around the house with the use of a cane and still goes into the yard each day to marvel at the beautiful roses that are blooming in their back yard.

Abbot Steve continues to appreciate the well wishes and support he is constantly receiving from family, friends and sangha. He adds that this is a good time to examine the reality of impermanence in all of our lives. And to continue to express our love for each other.

With love,
Abbot Steve and mary



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