October 31, 2013
October 31

Dear Friends,
A conversation with Mary yesterday reminded me that every day seems to bring greater fragility and discomfort to Abbot Steve as the cancer is moving through his body. That, combined with meds that are escalating daily to control pain and nausea, is putting a tremendous strain on his system.

On a good day recently, what he managed to ingest was little more than half a cup of soup. And restful sleep is elusive. He is still able to get up and move around the house with a cane. A walker and a wheelchair are also available. Mary says the need for these tools has been pacing ahead of the mind’s ability to take it in.

Chemotherapy was scheduled to resume today, on a schedule of once a week for three weeks, and I have not yet heard a report on that. It is questionable whether he is strong enough for the treatment to be beneficial. The focus for Steve, Lane, and Mary is becoming more and more a day-by-day one. Mary plans to provide an update tomorrow about what happened at the clinic.

Mary offered this update as a reflection of Abbot Steve’s sincere concern that we be well informed about the steady progress of his illness.

Thanks to all for your good thoughts,



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