October 20, 2013
October 19 Update: Up and Down

Summarizing a brief communication I had from Mary Stares this evening after her day in the hospital with Abbot Steve:

As mentioned in the last post, the infection in Steve’s legs was clearing up, and Steve had a relatively good day Friday.

This morning, however, he had some heart arrhythmia. Beta blockers have been increased to resolve that, and now his heart rhythm again seems stable.

Also, although at one point this week his pain level dropped significantly, that level did not last, and pain management continues to be a major issue. He will remain in the hospital for at least a couple more days. It remains unclear when chemotherapy may resume at this point.

Thanks to all who are chanting often for Steve’s well-being.


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  1. Patty Winter Ryuka Ryonin

    For a number of reasons, thank you very much for the updates here. I am of the far and rarely physically connected sangha. These days my heart and mind are connected to this time with Abbott Steve, his family, the sangha far and wide. I am of the unfortunate who do not know Steve personally but I was blessed to be at Steve’s Mountain Seat. This “new life” moves in all of us in small or big ways within our own and collective experiences. I feel Steve’c comments that are reflected here are a bubbling overt of the heart and mind of a master into my heart/mind. Thank you Abbot Steve.

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