October 17, 2013
October 17 Update (Part 2)

From Mary Stares:

Dear Friends,

I spent some time with Steve and Lane today at the hospital. Generally speaking Abbot Steve seemed much more animated. The infection in his legs (cellulitis) is responding well to the antibiotics. Steve is off oxygen but is still receiving intravenous fluids.

The medical team is working to discharge Abbot Steve but will not do so until they have worked out some combination of medication that keeps the pain he is experiencing to a manageable level. So far this has not happened, although yesterday, for a few hours, Steve’s pain did drop to a level lower than he has experienced for a number of weeks. Steve’s heart has returned to a steady, normal beat since the episode of arrhythmia Sunday night and Monday morning. And he is eating and drinking small amounts.

The decision facing Steve and Lane is whether or not to continue chemotherapy. They are talking to the medical staff, family and friends in order to gather information so as to make an informed  decision.

Thank you for the support and strengthening thoughts you are sending to Abbot Steve, Lane and their family.




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