October 17, 2013
October 17 Update (Part 1)

Some good news today, at last:

SteveStucky_LipingZhu2009-250pxAbbot Steve’s pain level has come more under control, from an “8” earlier this week to a “2” late yesterday. It’s the first time since his diagnosis that his pain has been so low.

Lane says he is doing well this morning, still in the hospital for now.  They are discussing the next course of action. He did have chemotherapy planned for today but due to the complications over the last week, this will not happen.

We hope to be able to post more details later in the day or evening.



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  1. katharine cook

    So glad to hear that. . . . I don’t want the person who has helped so many others with and out of suffering to have to suffer so terribly. I am so glad he is feeling better. A huge relief.


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