July 31, 2013
August Art Exhibit: Where the Light Is

Photographs by Shundo David Haye


Cadsonbury Oak







Reception: Friday, August 9, 7 – 9 pm

Show on view through August in the City Center Art Lounge


Artist’s Statement

Light and dark oppose one another like the front and back foot in walking.  (Sandokai)

Any photograph has to be an amalgam of light and dark. I am most interested in the fleeting juxtapositions, brief interstices where light shines as a vivid moment of impermanence, which is nonetheless a moment of reality; where shapes arrange in a brief illusion of coherence, which is nonetheless a moment of form.


Shundo David Haye came from England to Zen Center to begin his practice in 2000. Since then he has lived at City Center and Tassajara, following the traditional monastic training path. He has served as work leader at Tassajara, tenzo (head of the kitchen) and ino (head of the meditation hall) at City Center, and currently holds the position of director at City Center. He was ordained as a priest in 2009 by Ryushin Paul Haller, and was head monk at Tassajara in the fall of 2012. He helps to run the Young Urban Zen group in the city, maintained the Ino’s Blog for more than two years, and is deeply interested in spreading the dharma widely for the benefit of all beings.