May 22, 2013
Green Gulch Farm Ecosattvas Reinstate the Sunday Rideshare Program

Article by Kogen Keith and Hakusho Ostlund

Do you drive to Green Gulch Farm for the Sunday program? Or do you need a ride? Green Gulch is delighted to announce a reactivated rideshare program, featuring special benefits for vehicles with multiple passengers as well as a new online resource that makes it easier to help the whole earth while helping each other.


Drawing by Claudia Sackett Hennum

Elements of the rideshare program that have been reactivated since the beginning of May include Zen Center’s online rideshare board, which serves travelers to all three temples, and donations for parking for the Sunday program.

Carpools consisting of two or more people will be able to park for no charge during the Sunday morning program. However, again we are asking for a $5 donation from single drivers, and these funds will go towards the additional cost involved for Green Gulch to purchase 100% renewable energy through Marin Clean Energy.

In addition to the rideshare board, a new email group has been set up specifically for those who visit Green Gulch Farm’s programs more frequently. By simply emailing, you can be added as a member of the group. You can easily reach other Sangha members who regularly attend the Sunday program and who are either from your area or able to meet you at Manzanita Park and Ride, where Highway 1 and 101 intersect.

The program is especially timely for several reasons. First, the environment: for example, earlier this month, carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere hit 400 parts/million for the first time in at least 800,000 years. Next, the sangha: helping people who don’t own vehicles to find a way of getting to Green Gulch. Finally, the closing of the Muir Beach parking lot this summer, mid-June through November, will likely make parking much tighter at Green Gulch.

By participating in the program, riders, drivers, and even donors can make a difference. For questions or feedback regarding the program, please contact Ecosattvas representatives Kogen Keith ( and Hakusho Ostlund (